Ways to Work with Me

I work with clients to equip you with both tools and experiences of rest, relief from pain
and release from old patterns that inflame illness, pain & burnout.

There are three different 

One-on-one Coaching Sessions

Rest Coaching

Many non-western health traditions subscribe to the concept of energy channels moving through the body. When energy gets stuck, illness and pain can arise. And when bodies get exhausted, energy needs reviving.

Reiki is one form of energy clearing and healing that involves the practitioners being a vessel of divine energy, which moves through the practitioner to the client to help clear energy blocks and rejuvenate client energy levels

Reiki can also offer healing and support during times of emotional difficulty.

Meditation Coaching

Meditation is a key component for relieving pain, healing illness, reviving the body and finding peace & joy in life.

And yet there are many meditation forms, and no one method will work well for everyone. Finding the technique that works with your body and your mind is hard for those with little experience with meditation. It can leave you feeling like meditation doesn't work for you.

I work with you one-on-one through a variety of meditation methods, to help you find a technique that deeply rests your body and relieves your pain.

Psych K Sessions

Psych K is a psychological tool that seeks to change unconscious beliefs resulting in feelings, behaviours and life situations that aren't what you'd like. Developed by Rob Williams and made famous by cell biologist & researcher, Dr Bruce Lipton, it can assist in transforming our health, our life choices, self-limiting thought patterns and emotional issues.

Psych-K sessions are approx. 45 minutes and are only offered in person, on Sydney's North Shore, at this time. 

The Seasonal Resting Practice

The Seasonal Resting Practice

The Seasonal Resting Practice is a three-month membership of like-focused people, looking to develop and deepen their resting practice. 

Each Seasonal Resting Practice session starts with the change of seasons, and applications open a few weeks before that change of season begins.

The Resting Space Community

The Resting Space

The Resting Space is an online community built on a shared interest in resting, reducing chronic pain & illness, and expanding our ability to live a rest-based and love-based lifestyle.

To join The Resting Space you need to have completed an in-person course, class or session/s with me. If that's you, use the form on my Contact page to let me know and I'll send you details.