Ways to Work with Me

My goal is to have you experience some relief from your pain or rest for your body in each session.
I use three main approaches, and I mix-and-match depending on your needs and comfort levels with each modality.
The three areas I work with are:

Meditation Coaching

Meditation is a key component for relieving pain, healing illness, reviving the body and finding peace & joy in life.

And yet there are many meditation forms, and no one method will work well for everyone. Finding the technique that works with your body and your mind is hard for those with little experience with meditation. It can leave you feeling like meditation doesn't work for you.

I work with you one-on-one through a variety of meditation methods, to help you find a technique that deeply rests your body and relieves your pain.

Reiki and Energy Work

Many non-western health traditions subscribe to the concept of energy channels moving through the body. When energy gets stuck, illness and pain can arise. And when bodies get exhausted, energy needs reviving.

Reiki is one form of energy clearing and healing that involves the practitioners being a vessel of divine energy, which moves through the practitioner to the client to help clear energy blocks and rejuvenate client energy levels

Reiki can also offer healing and support during times of emotional difficulty.

Wholistic Life Coaching

Many chronic pain and exhaustion issues stem from years spent disconnected from your true self - the core of your being. This disconnection creates an internal environment of tension toward the physical body, in the mental environment, in your emotional processing and in your wider sense of meaning and purpose.

My life coaching approach helps you develop an internal environment of love in each of those four areas: physical body, mental environment, emotional landscape and living with meaning. When you have this internal environment of love, life becomes something you love living.