About Naomi

This isn't exactly a clear career path - connecting women to their bodies & helping people reduce pain. But then, I once had an astrologer  take one look at my astrology chart, shake her head with a frown, and say "Wow. You are just NEVER going to do things the normal way - the way most people live...it's just not going to work for you. Ever."

I've been a self-help junkie since my teens, and a fairly eager therapy junkie too. Getting to the heart of myself, and the struggles I have had, always attracted me. I wanted the understand myself and learn how to change what wasn't working.

But all that therapy, and self-help, the reading, the courses and (eventually) training as a counsellor, led me to see that maybe I had learned enough along the way to help others. So I started coaching.

Just regular old life coaching.

Only, if you've ever looked for a life coach, likely you've found someone who did something approximating goal setting, then action planning, then accountability.

Nothing wrong with that...but that wasn't what held interest for me.

Mostly because people set goals that aren't based in their body. The goals they choose come out of their mind. And the mind is notoriously unreliable as a guide to what will bring us joy, peace and a life we love living.

I believe incredibly strongly that our body is our best friend and we need to cultivate our relationship with it. 

I believe the body will guide us toward what it needs to heal, if we learn how to read it's communication signals.

I believe the body will also reveal where thinking and emotions keep us stuck and unwell. Change that thinking, resolve those emotions, and the body is freed from their impact.

I believe that the body is also the seat of the soul - the true self. Our spirit and our body are merged together for this lifetime, with the purpose of expressing our spirit, through our particular physical body.

But we get socialised to think we "have to" be and do certain things, that we "can't" be or do other things. Or sometimes we're so used to being like those around us we don't see what else there might be within us.

And so we end up in lives that are not allowing our spirit full expression. Health issues result.

Connect with that true self, learn to hear what she's yearning for, and then live that and you'll be your healthiest, happiest self. 

Thus far, my journey of expressing the true self within me has lead me to the firm believe that the following things are the core to my happiest, healthiest life:
very expensive, organic dark chocolate;
Ubud, the Irish countryside and London;
creative living;
cozy clothing;
The Chef's Table tv series;
acoustic guitars and close vocal harmonies; and
an authentic coconut milk sticky chai latte.

(this is not a definitive list.)