The Seasonal Resting Practice

A three month membership in a community of like-focused people,
dedicated to developing and deepening a daily resting practice.

How it works
Seasonal Resting Practice members enjoy a dedicated, peaceful, online meeting space, hosted by me. It's there that we'll have live sessions for resting and meditation practices each week, resources and activities to improve your resting will be shared, as well as weekly written feedback conversation threads.

Each participant will also have a monthly one-on-one session with me, via zoom, to discuss their progress, struggles or questions about their resting practice development.

What's included in your Seasonal Resting Practice membership

3 month membership

We have a private online space within The Resting Space online community.

Monthly 1-on-1 sessions

Three private, online sessions with me, one per month, for personal coaching, ideas, and assistance with any struggle or resistance to resting.

Weekly live resting session

A live group resting session (we record it too) to grow your resting practices.

Resources & materials

A library of resting resources and materials, growing all the time, to help give you ideas, guidance and depth in your resting practice.

Fortnightly group Q&A

A live coaching & discussion time for group support & encouragement

Messaging conversation threads

I'll post weekly check in threads and other conversation starters. Group members can begin threads too.

The three month membership to The Seasonal Planning Practice is
$1000 AUD.

A payment plan is available.

Refunds only available before the membership has begun.

The next Seasonal Resting Practice membership

The Seasonal Resting Practice is taking a rest. But I'm dreaming up new ways to help women facilitate rest, particularly in mid-life, when it really becomes important.
If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, let me know via the Contact form here, or join my newsletter.  

Got some questions you'd like to ask?
Please use my Contact Me page here, and I'll either reply via email, or we could set up a short zoom chat to ensure you've got all the details you need to know whether you'd like to apply.