Everyone deserves a life they love living

Wholistic life coaching & complimentary health tools that support women living with chronic pain, exhaustion & burnout.

Less Pain

More Joy

A Life you Love Living

Less Stress

More Energy

Living with pain, exhaustion & burnout isn't fair

Living without hope that things can chnage can be utterly desparing

Discover a new relationship to your body. Develop tools to help ease your pain. Transform the way you engage with life. 
Hope. Rest. Relief. A life you love living.



Joint & Muscle Pain

Exhaustion & Fatigue

Thyroid & Autoimmune

Andrea S. Wellness blogger & writing consultant

I feel so much more secure in who I am and I can live without pain now.  If you're sick of feeling terrible, and are desperate to be rid of your pain, this is the program to take. 

A space to rest

Develop and deepen a regular resting practice, join others doing the same, and journey with us as we transform our lives into being rest-based, love-based and meaningful lives. It all starts with rest.

Meditation & visualisation

Learn how to rest more fully and find deeper sleep, to energise your days and discover the things you're truly passionate about. Meditation is a cornerstone of change & hope.

Change limiting beliefs

Using the Psych-K method, shift limiting mental, emotional & behavioural patterns that aren't what you'd like for your life. This simple, quick technique can open doors for transformation and change.

Love-based living

Discover how living a love-based lifestyle can lead you to uncover your true self's yearnings for the life you were meant to live. Freedom, joy, peace all rise from love-based living.

Practical, wholistic and balanced

The path to healing, happiness, energy & recovery isn't a one-size-fits-all journey. But there are elements that everyone needs in order to support and facilitate optimal physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health. I seek to use practical, wholistic-health tools to help achieve a balance in your body, your mental space, your emotional journey & your spiritual outlook.

  Let's unpack together all that holds you back from finding a life you love living.

Karen S. Photographer, disability services coordinator & mother of two

The concepts, meditations, tools and insights gained through doing this course have equipped me both to understand what's happening in my body, and know how to help ease the suffering I'd unknowingly been facilitating.

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Don't let chronic pain/illness, exhaustion & burnout rob you of a full and satisfying life

You weren't meant to be living with these things. You were born for more. And deep down, somewhere you know this is true. Join me for a cuppa and let's start to heal.

Living with a chronic condition, ongoing exhaustion or feeling burnt out is hard. Not only can it be painful, it often means you're on a downward spiral of mounting health problems, diminishing engagement in social activities and relationships, battling depression or hopelessness and living with a growing sense of resentment toward your body, yourself and your life.

Not surprisingly, this can lead to lives that feel dark, lonely and very hard. Every day is a struggle. 

I believe when someone has a safe space, has the care of a compassionate withness and effective, gentle tools, they can transofrm their relationship to their body, their inner world and their life. They can reverse the downward trend.

Actually, more than believe it, I've seen it! In myself, and others. 

I provide this spiritually-centred, love-based coaching to people living with chronic conditions, exhaustion & burnout, because I know that when people learn how to love all of who they are ,they create lives that feel beautiful to live. And nothing is more satisfying that watching that happen.

Sue D. Owner, Successful Blogging

I have fibromyalgia and have had for the past 13 years.....my pain has gone from a 4-6 on a scale of ten, to a 1-3. I take half the amount of pain medication that I used to. I have techniques I can use to help myself if the pain starts to flare up again.

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