Everyone deserves a life they love living

Wholistic life coaching & complimentary health tools that support women living with chronic pain, exhaustion & burnout.

Less Pain

More Joy

A Life you Love Living

Less Stress

More Energy

Living with pain, exhaustion & chronic illness isn't fair

Living without hope that it can get better can be utterly desparing

Discover a new relationship to your body. Develop tools to help ease your pain. Transform the way you engage with life. 
Hope. Relief. A life you love living.



Joint & Muscle Pain

Exhaustion & Fatigue

Thyroid & Autoimmune

Andrea S. Wellness blogger & writing consultant

I feel so much more secure in who I am and I can live without pain now.  If you're sick of feeling terrible, and are desperate to be rid of your pain, this is the program to take. 

Love your Body

Uncover your body's unique style of communication and learn how to love your body to greater health. Living in a body that is well loved is an amazing experience and the beginning of creating a life you love.

Meditation & Visualisation

Learn how to rest more fully and find deeper sleep, to energise your days and discover the things you're truly passionate about. Practice them and building them into your life to love living even more.

Greater Joy & Ease

Connect with the infinite and ever-present joy that surrounds us and lies within us, to enhance your daily experience of joy and peace, and you'll love living each day of your life.

Be Present in the Moment

Learn how to read your true self's callings, gain the courage to follow those callings and discover how this is the secret to living the life you have come here to live - one you love living.

Relieving physical pain & illness is just the beginning

I help you learn techniques that support your body's innate healing ability. Using techniques like meditation, visualisation, reiki & life coaching tools, we can relieve your pain, deeply rest your body, activate your body's natural healing abilities and bring you to a greater sense of peace in the present moment.

Karen S. Photographer, disability services coordinator & mother of two

The concepts, meditations, tools and insights gained through doing this course have equipped me both to understand what's happening in my body, and know how to help ease the suffering I'd unknowingly been facilitating.

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Don't let chronic pain, illness & exhaustion rob you of a full and satisfying life

You weren't meant to be living this way. You were born for more. And deep down, somewhere you know this is true.

Living with a chronic condition is hard. Not only can it be painful, it often means you're on a downward spiral of mounting health problems, diminishing engagement in social activities and relationships, and a growing sense of resentment toward your body, yourself and your life.

Not surprisingly, this can lead to lives that feel dark, lonely and very hard. Every day is a struggle. 

I believe when someone has the safe space, the care and the guidance to transofrm their relationship to their body, their inner world and their life, they can reverse this downward trend.

Actually, more than believe it, I've seen it. In myself, and others. 

I provide this spiritually-centred health and life coaching to people living with chronic pain, illness and exhaustion, because when people really love all of who they are they create lives that feel beautiful to live.

Sue D. Owner, Successful Blogging

I have fibromyalgia and have had for the past 13 years.....my pain has gone from a 4-6 on a scale of ten, to a 1-3. I take half the amount of pain medication that I used to. I have techniques I can use to help myself if the pain starts to flare up again.

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