The Resting Space

A private space where people who want to build and deepen their resting practice can spend a season dedicated to meeting, learning, encouragin and enjoying resting together.

If you're looking for an online space dedicated to helping you rest - somewhere with like-focused people, all sharing their resting journey for that season, along with participating in resting sessions, meditation sessions and other resting practices, then you're in luck.

The Resting Space is exactly that kind of space

What happens in The Resting Space?

I run monthly resting classes for all Resting Space members, and also monthly Q&A/Group Coaching calls, in which you can get help with blocks you're experiencing in living a rest-based lifestyle, as questions about how to rest better or resting in your particular circumstance, and hear the latest learning and experiencing of rest from my continued resting practice and reading.

There'll also be other resources, content and community activities over time. 

How to I join The Resting Space?
The Resting Space is open to anyone undertaking, or who has previously undertaken, a live course or class with me. My self-directed courses can sometimes be purchased with live mentorship, which happens in The Resting Space. My Seasonal Resting Practice memberships also happen there.

I'm still exploring other options for access to The Resting Space. To be sure of hearing about these,
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Learn more about these live offerings here: