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Life coaching for people living with chronic pain, illness, exhaustion and burn out.

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28 day mini program

28 Day Mini Programs

If you'd like just a little dose of something helpful, like connecting to your body, reducing pain, finding more joy or deepening your experience of peace, then our 28 Day Mini Programs are just what you need. 

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About me

You'd do anything not to be a burden.....but what you're longing for is the time and a place safe enough to collapse and rest, till you feel better.

Been there! I know how the exhaustion and pain and emptiness, even when life is pretty good, is really hard to live with and harder to heal and resolve. 

I also know it is possible.

Naomi Crain Coaching

What else is happening?

Turning Towards Joy

Turning Toward Joy

2019 called me toward Joy during my planning and aligning process in January. I'm talking about the journey toward greater joy on my blog and to my lovely tribe in monthly emails. 

Interested in hearing more about the journey? Or better yet, joining me in turning this year into the year we grow more joy and less heaviness, darkness and fear?

The Love Living Program

The Love Living Program is designed to help clients unpack their lives and work out why, despite having "everything", they are still unhappy, dissatisfied or restless. 

It's a three month, one-on-one program that delivers clarity of purpose, greater peace, deep joy and a life you'll love living.

Love Living Program

Making Peace With Pain

Making Peace with Pain

The Making Peace with Pain Program is a life coaching program specifically for you if you're living with chronic health issues such as fibromyalgia, migraines, early onset arthritis, IBS, RSI, chronic joint or muscle issues, exhaustion and burnout, breakdown and "can't cope anymore"-ness. 

In this three month, one-on-one program, you'll learn to create an internal environment of love that gives the body, mind and emotions the conditions they need to heal, rejuvenate and grow strong again.

The latest articles to help you heal

Choosing Joy
When we think of joy, or cultivating more joy in our lives, we don't usually think of the verb to[...]

I have fibromyalgia and have had for the past 13 years. I was in a lot of pain daily and had tried acupuncture, chiropractic, many physicians and various supplements. Nothing worked very well at all. 

I signed up for Naomi's Making Peace with Pain program. Well, my life has really pain has gone from a 4-6 on a scale of ten, to a 1-3. I take half the amount of pain medication that I used to. I have techniques I can use to help myself if the pain starts to flare up again. 

I cannot speak highly enough about Naomi and the quality of this program.

Sue D 
Owner, Successful Blogging

Andrea S

Naomi's "Making Peace with Pain" course has absolutely changed my life. It has given me access to confidence I didn't know existed. I feel so much more secure in who I am and I can live without pain now. 

I still have days where I don't feel great, but because of this course I have invaluable tools and resources to access when that happens. 

If you're sick of feeling terrible, and are desperate to be rid of your pain, this is the program to take. And I would recommend Naomi to anyone who is looking for a life coach. She's incredibly insightful and passionate about what she does: you can tell this is what she was born to do. 

Andrea S -
Wellness Blogger and Writing Consultant

​Naomi's Making Peace with Pain program has been a life changer for me....The lessons learned during this course have had far reaching benefits for my whole life. 

​Naomi has such an open, approachable manner, and introduces new concepts in ways that are easy to understand.

The concepts, meditations, tools and insights gained through doing this course have equipped me both to understand what's happening in my body, and know how to help ease the suffering I'd unknowingly been facilitating.

Karen S -