Sessions With Me

I use a three phase process when working with you.
Throughout all three phases, sessions are designed to give you rest from pain, stress and exhaustion; to change their approach to living so you can create more love, peace and healing; and to give you easy, take-home actions to apply to see lasting change.

The three phases of working with me are:

The Deep Dive Session

The Starter Sessionis is a deep dive into the wholistic approach I take to your health, your thinking, your emotions and your spirit.

Using the framework of these four elements, we will discuss your relationship with your body, your thinking and beliefs, your emotional health and your relationship with your spirit.

Every session also aims to offer relief to your body from stress, exhaustion and pain through modalities such as Reiki, meditation and other therapeutic practices.

The 6 Month Program

Having reviewed your current situation in your deep dive session, I'll forward you a 6 month plan that will help build and embed the actions that will create an internal environment in your body conducive to finding healing, happiness & purpose.

The program will include regular sessions to relive your stress, exhaustion and pain, as well as continued work on your thinking and beliefs, your emotional clearing and your connection to your spirit. By the end of the program you'll have found the path to a life you love living.

You'll receive purchase information about the 6 Month Program after your Starter Session. 

Follow Up Sessions

After your 6 month program has ended, you're still able to book follow-up sessions to continue your progress toward a life you love living. 

Follow-up sessions are tailored to your needs and can be one-off or purchased in groups at a saving.

Please email me directly if you're a past client wanting follow-up sessions.

You'll receive purchase information about follow-up session after contacting me.