Contemplations for the New Year - Part 1: Cocktails


There's a relaxed, swimmy nature to the week between Christmas and New Year - at least here in the southern hemisphere, where the summer vacation has begun and very few people are working. The days run together, and the time-free nature of the week leaves us wondering what day it is.

This year I'm lapping up the solitude and peaceful heat of this week with some contemplations on how I'm approaching setting intentions for 2023. 

In this short series of posts, I'll explain one intention in each, and where the desire to bring a focus to it has come from. 

Today, the intention is: 


For reasons that remain a mystery, even to me, I've had felt a recent sparkle when it comes to mixing cocktails and enjoying them at an appropriate hour (I'll leave it to your discretion to determine when that is) just about every day I don't have much else to do but look forward to cocktail hour. 

I don't know whether it's the fancy look of a cocktail, the elegant glasses, the ritualistic and mystical process of building them, the divine taste or some deep-seeded cultural stereotype of a 60's style cocktail hour, with lounge music, where people dressed up and looked glamorous while sipping these potent and wonderous beverages.

Mystery aside, there's a lot to enjoy in a cocktail, and my over-arching theme for 2023 is finding more joy. Each of my intentions is really a choice to focus more attention on that which is inspiring a feeling of joy in me right now. 

Santa delivered me a cocktail bar set, as per my specified wish list, and I'm devouring reading about how to build cocktail mixing skills. 

And while it's hardly a budget-conscious pass time, it does feel like part of the buidling of a lifestyle that actually makes me happy. 

And what is a cocktail meant to do except make us happy? 

Tell me how you feel about cocktails? Too much work for too little benefit? Better left to the professionals at bars? Are you with me in the home-cocktail revolution? What's your favourite? 

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