Restoring Balance - 12 Experts Give Their Advice


When you're feeling out of balance, exhausted, overwhelmed, sometimes you'd give anything just to have the ear of the right coach, wellness expert, health guru or spiritual advisor, who could give you that little piece of friendly advice that would nudge you back onto the right path. If only your best friend worked in a field like that - you'd call her up and get some quick, free wisdom. Well you're in luck! I've compiled a range of experts, from varied fields, to give you their top tips on restoring balance when you're feeling this way. I just LOVE all these great tips, and the wide range of disciplines represented here. Whatever is robbing you of inner calm, physical health or a life that feels beautiful to live - someone on this list will be right for you. There are some new tricks to try and some new takes on old faithful advice you just know is the key to loving yourself, loving your body and loving living. It's like a gold mine of top life, health and wellness coaching tips, just for you.

What's your top tip for restoring balance to life when we're experiencing busyness, exhaustion and overwhelm?

Erin Kurt - The Elegant Life

I have a very specific morning ritual that I do so that I stay aligned with Source energy and ensure my days flow elegantly. Having a morning ritual is THE first thing I teach my clients because it sets them up for a beautiful, fulfilling and elegant life. Without aligning with Source we can allow so many unimportant tasks and unhelpful emotions to run our day. I often give the example that when we have a morning ritual WE are sitting in the driver's seat of our life, however without one, we are sitting in the back seat and someone else, with a totally different agenda, is driving us all over the place with no direction or focus. Overwhelm, anxiousness, and a felling of "busyness" are simply the results of not having an intention for your day, not connecting with your Soul, and not aligning with the Divine Energy that you are. The antidote? Create a morning ritual that feels great for you and includes gratitude, connecting with your Divinity, visualising you doing what you dream of and some form of movement. 

Erin Kurt, is an internationally renowned Spiritual Teacher who assists women from around the world, and from every faith or belief system to come back HOME to their Divinity so they are able to elegantly live & manifest exquisite lives for themselves. To learn more about Erin and her exquisite teachings, go to her website

Randi Rubenstein - Parent Coach

If your body is engulfed with negative sensations like exhaustion, overwhelm and dread, playing the strait jacket/skinny dipping game, as I teach in my book, will improve your situation ASAP! This is the drill: Apply the 3 B's (bag, barter or better) to improve your situation. First, pinpoint the thing in your life that is causing the negative emotions....once you investigate, there is usually an obvious culprit. Next, decide what to do to improve your situation by deciding if you can bag it and simply get rid of the dreaded "thing", barter it by trading service or making an exchange or better it in some way such as bringing a friend that you love along to visit angry Aunt Helen. The bottom line is that our bodies are always whispering and trying to send us protective messages. Anything that causes the straitjacket feeling is not the path that brings joy and the skinny-dipping sensation involves a sense of freedom and fun. The skinny dipping feeling results in feeling energized, engaged and having a zest for life. Therefore, my tip for restoring balance is to make an immediate habit of playing the straitjacket/skinny-dipping game anytime you feel exhaustion or overwhelm. 

Randi Rubenstein is a parent coach who specialises in teaching parents how to stay calm, cool and connected during heated moments with their kiddos. She moves clients from using fear, threats and yelling to nurturing and assertive actions that leave no room for guilt or worry. She's also the author of The Parent Gap: Tools to keep your cool, stay connected and change unhealthy patterns.

Lisa Cohen - In 2 Balance Kinesiology

As a  Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner I know that all you need for health and wellbeing is within you. When you are feeling busy, exhausted and overwhelmed, my top tip is to STOP, BE SILENT and LISTEN. In the midst of 'busy' and exhaustion and overwhelm, our Nervous System is in full force, our adrenals at full pace and our inflammatory systems in full power. We can use our 'deliberate breathe' to help us stop and sit in silence - it is in this breathe state that we can feel our body and listen to its message. When we stop, pull ourselves out of our 'busy' we can find the silence that will calm our mind, body and spirit. It is in our silence that our inner world can be heard, our heart can come alive and our spirit can rest. Find a place that makes your heart sing and rest - for me that place is by the ocean. For you that place may be under a tree, canoeing on a lake, climbing a mountain or taking a walk. When we are aware of what and how our body is feeling, how it guards itself toward our sub-conscious fears, beliefs and promises, we can then listen to the disconnect between our body, mind and spirit. It is within this disconnect that we become too busy, exhausted and overwhelmed. It is in the quiet place that we can listen to our own heart and our own fears. 

Lisa Cohen is a Holistic Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine practitioner who works with you to 'calm the beast inside' and bring your whole body, mind and spirit into wellness and unity of purpose. She works on Sydney's Northern Beaches, via Skype and remotely.

Alison Cassar - Naturopath & Author

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out are signs that the adrenals are not coping with everyday demands on life. Go back to basics: Get enough sleep  - this helps the adrenals repair. Make the time for exercise by setting a routine  - even if its just 20 min every morning at home - stretching, yoga, resistance exercise, It creates such as sense of achievement that is an emotional benefit more than anything else.  Eat well. Being too busy to cook and grabbing take away only adds to the sense of failure and overwhelm. And eating fast foods create more exhaustion because you aren't feeding your body with nutrients - so it becomes a viscous cycle. Some options include:
Put some time aside to do some batch cooking and stock up with meals in the freezer.
Adding in a vege based green smoothie is a great way to get veges into diet on days that you know you can't cook.
Always make left overs with any meal that you cook and you will cut your meal prep time in half for each week as a minimum. 
Pre - prepare the ingredients for meals that can be thrown together quickly - for example - the ingredients for a smoothie could be frozen in separate portions and then taken out each day and shipped up in the blender. That way you don't have to wash, chop and prepare everything each day. It will feel too overwhelming. 

Allison Cassar is a naturopath in Sydney, Australia and co-author of Radiant Health, Radiant Skin: A complete and revolutionary guide to lifelong healthy skin.

Fiona Leard - Beyond Fitness Australia

My top tip for restoring balance is to take time out for yourself (without feeling guilty about it!). Whether it's simply a moment to stop and take a deep breath, or two or three (in through the nose and out through pursed lips) to calm your nervous system and regain focus, or an hour a day to do something solely for you (without interruptions) that you enjoy and makes you feel good. Restoring your own energy and wellbeing is the best way to stay on top of life's challenges. If you're depleted of energy your ability to handle situations effectively is significantly reduced. Plan for the week ahead and schedule an appointment for you as often as you can. Then stick to the schedule. This is your life and your journey and you deserve some TLC too. 

Fiona Leard is an instructor, author, presenter and former Registered Nurse, with a Masters Degree in Sport Science who blends yoga, pilates and Anti-Gravity® Fitness with sports science and exercise as a personal trainer or group teacher. Fiona is the owner of Beyond Fitness Australia studio and she trains Anti-Gravity® Fitness instructors in Sydney. She is the author of two books, The Yoga Edge: Techniques to maximise your soccer game, and 40 Essential Soccer Stretches: Warm-Up and Cool-Down with Yoga.

Cait Donovan - Acupuncturist and Herbalist

When I am busy, exhausted and overwhelmed, I like to keep it simple. My favorite trick that I teach so many of my patients is: Find a calming song you love that is about 3 minutes long. Press play, put down your phone, close your eyes and breathe for the duration of the song. 3 minutes is enough to help activate your rest and regenerate system. It's also short enough to feel doable. It can be done daily and if you use the same song each day, your body recognizes the cue and falls into relax mode faster and easier. It's a great, simple, life long practice! 

Caitlin Donovan is an international acupuncturist and herbalist who believes in practical advice laced with woo-woo.

Katie Kozlowski - Women are Rising

Listen to your body because it’s talking to you.   The body is a huge gift because it has the capacity to tell us when we are in alignment and when we are out and pushing ourselves. Things like exhaustion, frustration and overwhelm help us recognize if we are in “trying” mode which is when we tend to over do and that leads to those days when we just want to scream.   If you want to regain your center and calm quickly, all you have to do is stop whatever you are doing and literally BE with yourself and your body. Put your hands on your heart, close your eyes and breathe in and out.  As you do so, invite your whole self to be present in your body and it will instantly help you calm and recenter so you can take action in a more consistent, concise way!  

Katie Kozlowski is an expert in Feminine Being and the creator of Women Are Rising which features a podcast and other feminine tools for reconnection and wisdom.

Bex Beltran - My Taro Coach

One unconventional tool to find a solution when you’re feeling overwhelmed is Tarot. I’ve been amazed at the answers I come up with when looking at a tarot card, compared to what I come up with “on my own”. I’ve seen clients have breakthroughs when they give themselves the perfect piece of information by describing a card for themselves. You can pull a card even if you don’t have a Tarot deck. There are online sites and tools that let you draw a card, then give the meaning.  After you’ve chosen a card (either from an actual deck or online), ask what it wants you to know about your situation. Then, listen to the answer you give yourself.   Since the card most likely won’t have a direct answer, it will prompt you to think about your situation in a new way. It can offer insight you would not have come to on your own. 

Bex Beltran is a Tarot Reader who does co-created readings with clients. You can choose your own cards, ask, and answer questions, and come up with a thought or action based on your reading that will leave you feeling empowered. Bex publishes a free weekly Focus for the Week Tarot reading on her site at 

Stephannie Weikert - Yoga Therapist

Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed are symptoms of being out of balance. If you’re feeling this way a lot, it will only get worse until you address it. 

The problem is, when you’re busy, slowing down is hard! You may think, you don’t have time to slow down. Or wonder, how you will fulfill all of your responsibilities if you don’t keep pushing? 

The good news is that restoring balance happens in the present moment (not it the future!) and can be simple. My top tip for making this happen is alternate-nostril breathing. Here’s how you do it: 

Close your right nostril with your right thumb and then inhale and exhale through your left nostril.

Close your left nostril with your right ring finger and then inhale and exhale through your right nostril.

Repeat this 3-5 times to restore balance to your nervous system in about 1 minute. Simple, right?

Stephannie Weikert helps people struggling with stress make simple + therapeutic yoga part of their daily routine with ease. Discover your stress type and get a free, simple therapeutic yoga practice that's just right for you at

Gina Tucker - Live Life on Purpose

When your energy and resilience is compromised it’s simply not possible to do everything or be all things to all people. 

The focus really needs to come back to you. It’s easy to get caught up in doing things for other people or things you think you should be doing.  Often at the expense of your own wellbeing. 

When you’re in that place it’s important to remind yourself that prioritising your needs and wellbeing is an act of self-respect, not selfishness. Start making time for activities that are going to restore and replenish your energy, and make them a priority. Anything that’s not actively supporting your wellbeing should come under review. 

Some helpful questions to ask yourself might include:

Right now, what’s most important to me?

What could I postpone or get some help with?

What do I need to say no to?

Gina Tucker is a conscious living and business coach for busy professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. Find out more about her at

Jill Kane - Certified ACE Health Coach

The foods we eat can have a tremendous impact on our energy levels and moods. Focus on eating foods closest to the source - whole grains, a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, lean, hormone-free protein and dairy, and healthy fats, particularly Omega-3 fats. Blueberries, walnuts, oatmeal, eggs, kale, sweet potatoes and Greek Yogurt are great options. I always make sure to eat a balanced breakfast that includes a good quality protein, fat, and some greens because I know it will help me keep my blood sugar stable throughout the day and help me avoid feeling sluggish in the afternoon. Avoid eating foods that are white-flour based, have added sugar or chemicals, additives, and preservatives. Don't skip meals or rely on sugar or caffeine for a quick energy boost because doing so will result in a major energy crash followed by intense cravings for sweets and processed foods. 

Jill Kane is a Certified Health Coach, Certified Workplace Wellness Ambassador helping busy, ambitious women ditch overwhelm and burn out while losing stubborn body fat, feeling energized and radiating confidence! Find out more at

Naomi Crain - Chronic Pain Life Coach

Your body is your best friend, guiding you toward a life that feels beautiful to live. If something doesn't feel beautiful in your body, you're on the wrong track.

When you're feeling busy, overwhelmed, exhausted or in any other way lacking the feeling that life is beautiful to live, sit down (yes, do it now), get out your diary, and make sure three things are locked into the next 24 hours:

LOTS of sleep. At least 9 hours in bed, 10 if at all possible. Even more if you can.

Time to sit and watch the sunset, or at the very least, the stars and the night sky. No TV, no phone, no distractions. Alcohol is allowed, in low levels :-)

When sitting, quietly watching the sunset or the stars, think about how you would rather feel. Then focus on your body, and just your body, and ask it how it wants to feel.

After that, the path won’t necessarily be easy but it is simple. Do more of what your makes your body feel the way it wants to. Make your choices to ensure as much of that feeling gets into your life as possible. Make bigger life choices to get your body more of how it wants to feel. Don't listen to the mind. Listen to the body. Don't listen to fear. Listen to the body. Don't listen to FOMO (fear of missing out). Listen to the body. I promise you, your body will lead you out of exhaustion, overwhelm and being too busy, and into a life that feels beautiful to live. I hope you've enjoyed this mother load of great advice. Let me know what you're taking away from this wisdom and insight. I'd love to hear how it's helping you find your path to a life that feels beautiful to live.

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