Reverse the spiral of
chronic pain symptoms

Managable Micro-actions

Discover the power for micro-actions to bring about major changes in how you live and stop your spiral downward.

Weekly Support Sessions

We all need the help of our people. Meet with me & your co-recoverers each week to share your struggles & your wins.

Meditations & Journalling

Get a weekly program of meditations and journalling exercises to enhance your healing & help you get back on top.

Recovery - The Program

Recovery is a three month program in which I walk with you through 12 weeks of re-stabilising a downward health spiral, often the side-effect of a period of stress. 

And in a COVID world, we've all had more than enough stress to induce a flare-up of symptoms.

It's a live program, with real-time access to me, as well as at-home activities that will move you from the downward spiral to one that is rising, without expecting more of your body than it's able to deliver at this time.

You'll experience how micro-actions are all it takes to change your momentum, like the small rudder steering a huge ship. As the flow of energy around you begins to change, from those micro-actions, everything begins to shift.

You'll also learn more about your relationship to your pain and your body. You'll gain insight into why you've returned to this downward health spiral, and the bigger, internal shifts that will create greater ongoing health and fewer flare ups in future.

And you'll form a deeper connection with your true self, the spirit in the body, yearning for the life it was born to live. Learning to hear that yearning and follow it will open your life up to being one you love living

Recover from your flare-up and find hope as 2020 comes to a close.

All the Details

What you'll be asked to do

You'll have a fortnightly, online check-in session. It'll run between 30-60 minutes, depending on what you need. We'll talk about your body and your health, your struggles over the past fortnight, and I'll help set you up for moving forward in the coming fortnight.

Together, we'll love your body into a more positive, healthy and hopeful state. 

Session days/times will be set at a mutually agreed time.
Sessions can be recorded if you'd like to listen back to them.
Sessions will involve some exercises to bring relief to pain and rest to your body.

You'll be given daily micro-actions to undertake, throughout the program. These are actions small enough to ensure you can take them.

The key to achieving any improvement in our chronic health conditions is changing the way we do things - our daily routines, our eating, our moving, our thinking, our emotional processesing and our deep yearning & dreaming.

But trying to make changes in all of these areas when you're unwell and in pain is simply overwhelming (trying to change just one area is overwhelming at times of ill health).

The key to success is not to over-burden your body, or your sense of being able to cope (which is partly emotional, partly mental and partly about something deeper - your true self). If we make big plans to change big things, we quickly run out of energy, make our pain worse or simply fall off the wagon. Micro-actions are the answer.

Nothing overwhelming; nothing that pushes; nothing that takes more effort than the tiniest movement. That's our process.

I'll be teaching you meditations and giving your journalling exercises, that are designed to help you find space within, to gently push the cracks in the shell we build around our hurting bodies. They're designed to let light in and a whole lot of fresh, hope-filled air.

This deep, inner "breathing" is where inspiration and hope lie. It's where you'll unpack the patterns that lead to a downward health spiral and it's where you'll discover what your true self is yearning for in life. And you know what, when you hear that yearning self within and begin to implement what it's asking for, amazing healing and recovery begins.

What you can expect of me

I'll be on hand throughout the program to help encourage and guide you as you implement the micro-actions, undertake the journalling toward understanding yourself and your health better, as well as teaching you all the meditation and other tools I know can help your body feel better and get better.

I'll meet with you for our fortnightly check-in sessions, to ask questions and get help when you're struggling.

You'll also have access to me via email in between, if you have questions or struggles you need some help with.

I'm here to help you through this program because I believe you deserve a life you love living - and I believe it's possible for you to create it. 

Program Cost

Single Payment
(that's about $220USD and $190Euro)

Payment Plan
(First payment $125, second payment of $100 in one month, third payment of $100 one month after that).

FAQs, Medical Disclaimers and Other Important Info

What if I don't experience any change to my health, pain or other symptoms?
Health and health conditions are very individual things. I can't guarantee that this program will achieve the results you're hoping for. Many factors may affect your ability to improve your health and pain, and make the changes you're hoping to make. I know the actions and exercises in this program have worked for me, and others. I'm confident you'll learn things that will help you understand yourself and your health better. And that can inform the choice you make in relation to both. I encourage you to be open to the possibility that this alternative approach to thinking about your health can have strong and lasting effects. But there is never a guarantee. You may not experience improved health nor reduced pain, or other symptoms. 

If you undertake the program and do not find any improvement after the program is completed, I encourage you to contact me. While refunds are not generally offered, I am open to discussing your eperience and if I feel you've given the program adequate focus and adherence, a refund may be available to you. 

This is not a money-back guarantee. But it is an open offer of reasonable consideration.

Are you a qualified health practitioner?
No. I am a trained therapist & Reiki practitioner, as well as recovering from my own chronic health issues. I've learned what works for me and I want to share it with you. But I do not claim that this is an alternative to health advice from your medical practitioners. It is designed to be completely complimentary to whatever other medical or health advice you're following. It does not involve advice about medications, health-related treatments or any other medical information. My primary focus is to teach you how to relate differently to your body, your health and your life. That means changing your beliefs and opinions, thoughts, feelings and actions. This program is not a substitute for medical advice or intervention

Should I seek medical advice before undertaking this program?
While medical advice may always be a good idea, this program does not require that. Your Dr may well think this program is without merit or of no value, but he or she is unlikely to find anything herein to be problematic to your health condition or treatment. The program does not involve any medication, supplements, medical treatment or medical advice. We work on your internal environment (that is, your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings toward your health, your body and your life). I aim to lower your stress, teach you relax deeply, and help you see that small daily actions (like taking rest, being in stillness, deeper breathing, relaxation, mantras and journalling) can actually equate to big changes in your health.

How much time will actually be required of me in this program?
This is a program based on micro-actions. That means, very small, non-time consuming behaviours that will change the mood and energy in your body. They're not physically demanding, so any physical ability level will be able to handle them easily. You'll have weekly journalling and meditations to try, but these are not required daily. I suggest setting aside an hour in the week to journal, and 3-4 fifteen minute spots for mediation. 

Program Cost

Single Payment
(that's about $220USD and $190Euro)

Payment Plan
(First payment $125, second payment of $100 in one month, third payment of $100 one month after that).

What you'll get in Recovery

 Here are all the features of the Recovery program.

 12 weeks of guidance and direction, to reverse your pain and illness spiral
● Fortnightly (6 in total), 30-60 minute, online sessions, one-on-one, with me
 A program of micro-actions to implement daily, which will build on each other as we move through the 12 weeks, designed specifically around your body, your ability and your situation
Weekly journalling exercises to help you focus and learn more about 
● Meditation, contemplation and other exercises, as needed, to help enhance your recovery and bring you to health and hope

Program Cost

Single Payment
(that's about $220USD and $190Euro)

Payment Plan
(First payment $125, second payment of $100 in one month, third payment of $100 one month after that).

A short background on Naomi

Multi-passionate coach, body whisperer, rest lover, joy seeker, trained therapist, Reiki practitioner, writer, musician, designer and chronic illness recovery experiencer 

After a particularly stressful phase in her life (read: break-up) Naomi developed odd symptoms that then proved to be her thyroid going crazy. Up and down like a see-saw (teerter-totter).

12 years later, with the close help of alternative medicine practitioners, a lot of reading and self-education, and a whole lot of trial and error, Naomi manages her thyroid, gut issues, migraines, exhaustion, digestive issues, hormones and all other body stuff without the use of prescription medication. 

But this really isn't a story about body symptom management, or even root cause discover and treatment (though both those things happen a lot). It's a story about learning what really underlies her chronic health issues. 

And it all boils down to a lack of love. Seriously - hear me out. I haven't come to this realisation lightly, and I believe, if you're experiencing the spiralling health decline so many women are today, this may be the key to your Recovery too. 

I see each of us as having four key parts - our body, our mind (or thoughts), our emotions and our Spirit (that inner, true self). If our love for any of these four is lacking, it will show in some kind of health issue, mental health issue, emotional issue or spiritual issue. 

We were born with one primary purpose - to use the body we've been given to express our Spirit as fully as we can. That's why we're here. The measure to which we're not doing that is the measure to which our body will crumble into illhealth. Why? Because the Spirit within us is calling us to its full expression. If we're pushing our body to live a different life, the body is torn between two masters. And it breaks down. 

Join me in re-discovering your Spirit and how to express it more fully - how to Love it - and you'll learn to love body, mind and emotions along the way. You'll find a healthier, happier life that you love living. 

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