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Love Living

The Love Living Program

A three month, one-on-one life coaching program to create peace, wholeness, health and a life you love living.


Naomi has such an open, approachable manner, and introduces new concepts in ways that are easy to understand. 

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Reconnect with your purpose, deeper meaning, greater impact and a fuller expression of your true self, each and every day.

Restore the power you have to change yourself and your life, to experience greater love, joy and peace.

Redefine your relationship to your body, as you learn to use it as your guidance tool and ally in creating a life you love living.

Discover how to put the pieces of life together in your unique way, to create a life you love living.

3 Month Program - A Lifetime of Benefit

If you feel more like you're dragging a tired and resistant body through bland and uninspiring days than like you're waking up with energy, joy and motivation, this program is for you.  

Somewhere approaching the middle of life (let's not call it mid-life....not all of us are comfortable calling ourselves "middle aged" quite yet), things get muddy. We've been on a path that lead us where we knew we were headed, but it didn't really end up where we wanted. It's not as fun, it's not as fulfilling - something's missing. 

I get it. I've been there. 

You're old enough to know a cheap motivational poster isn't gonna solve this. You're young enough to know if you don't solve it, you've got a LOT of years to feel this bland and uninspired about your life. 

Love Living Program

So you know you've got to find something lasting - something that works. Something that actually addresses the reality of life and the real problems.....if only you could work out exactly what they are.

Here's what you do know:

  • you don't love your job, though it's not's just not exciting and interesting to you anymore;
  • you have a body that's starting to show its age in pain and illness that isn't getting better;
  • you feel spiritually adrift - you'd like to have a better sense of spiritual connection, but how, and to what, and is it even possible without religion or being a total air-head woo woo?;
  • you have a mortgage, or rent to pay, kids to feed and clothe and school and care for, a partner who doesn't understand your sense of wanting something you can't define and other commitments that prevent taking an Eat Pray Love style year off to find yourself;
  • you feel like you "should" be more grateful for your life, it "should" be making you happy (it's what you wanted, after all, right?), you "should" feel better than you do living your life (you know you've got it so much better than so many others)....these "should" are leading to guilt, confusion, worry...even depression.

Here's what I know for sure (at the risk of sounding too much like Oprah):

You are on this earth to experience love, joy and peace. Life is calling you toward what will give you that love, joy and peace. Your unsettled, dissatisfied and unhappy feelings are the life you are meant to live, trying to turn you in its direction.

For reasons known only to God himself/herself/itself, humans seem to prefer listening to fear, social pressure, family expectation and any other strong voice except the Love, Joy and Peace that are calling us to live into them. So we end up with lives that feel like anything but the Love, Joy and Peace we long for. 

Thankfully, the life you're meant to live doesn't stop trying to get you back on track. All those feelings of wanting more are there for a reason. And I can help you unpack the crap, find the beauty and create the life you'll love living.

In The Love Living Program, you'll receive.....

12 weekly, one-on-one sessions with me 
to clear the internal clutter that is derailing your Love, Joy and Peace. Spoiler alert - this involves reconnecting to your body, cleaning up your thinking, feeling your feelings and hearing your True Self guiding you each day. 

daily and weekly action steps & self reflection activities
to embed the things we learn and uncover in the sessions. This "homework" ensures that the principles and practices we establish will really become part of your day to day life, which will slowly transform it into one you love living.

resources to ensure you keep learning and growing 
which includes recordings, reading lists, worksheets and other tools to help you deepen your understanding and experience of loving living, both through the course and beyond. You'll always have materials to return to when needed.

email support for 12 months, to ensure it works
so there's no concern that this will be a short-lived improvement. Email support allows you a full year, from the start of the program, to help you through any challenges that arise as you learn how to create a life you love living.


I would recommend Naomi to anyone who is looking for a life coach, She's incredibly insightful, and so passionate about what she does: you can tell this is what she was born to do. 

Andrea S writer, writing & small business coach

Your investment

One payment of $1997 AUD

Enjoy a lower fee for paying in one instalment.
Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard or Paypal, or direct deposit if you're paying from an Australian bank account. 

6 payments of $325 AUD

Because sometimes we can all use a little less of the big bills - enjoy an easier payment option of 6 fortnightly payments. Your total fee will then be $2040AUD.
Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard or Paypal only.

The Love Living Program includes:

  • 12 one-on-one sessions with me, to be taken weekly, either by Skype or in person
  • 4 modules of written content, emailed as you move through the program, which will focus the work we do in the session, giving you an overall picture of how to create a life you love living
  • Worksheets, recorded meditations, self reflection activities and other handout materials for use between sessions and beyond - and a folder to store it all.
  • Reiki and essential oils may be used during in-person sessions, when appropriate and if client is comfortable with their use.
  • Email support between sessions, to ensure you can keep moving forward with weekly goals and exercises.
  • Post-program discounted rates for further sessions or programs
  • Referrals to practitioners of other modalities, when necessary, such as therapists, masseuses, naturopaths, kinesiologists, chiropractors, doctors or other experts. If required, your enrolment in The Love Living Program will be paused while you undertake work with other practitioners, if concurrent participation is not tenable or not recommended. 

Plus, enjoy a special New Enrolment Gift from me, to prepare you for beginning your journey toward Loving Living. 

Create a life you Love Living