You'd do anything not to be a burden...

...but what you're longing for is a place safe enough to collapse and rest, till you feel better.

Naomi Crain

It's my goal to create that space for you. 

It's the space I was searching for myself, for decades (without really realising it). 

So I know how it feels to long for that gentle, nurturing space in which you know  you'll be taken care of and you can really, truly relax.

There's just one problem.

I learned the hard way that until I created that space for myself - inside myself - all the safe spaces I could find to collapse in never really worked. I never really felt safe, nurtured and deeply relaxed. And my body's pain & illness issues continued to get worse, no matter how many massages, facials, medical tests and health supplements I was taking.

It wasn't until I began to understand that the purpose of my life is to give full expression to my Spirit, that things began to change. I started to pay attention to the things my Spirit was yearning for....

....which turned out to be just about the opposite of everything I had chosen for my life. 

When I began to make changes, turning my life toward the things my Spirit yearned for, my health improved. Like when I finally left my job of nearly 15 years (which was very high stress, often bored me to tears and was leaving me chronically unhappy), took a two month sabbatical to Bali and saw my hypothyroid markers go significantly down for the first time in years and years. 

Of course, soon enough I decided to get another job, and those markers got worse again. 

I've spent a lot of time (perhaps I'm a slow learner....but I'm SO glad I stuck with it) really learning this lesson: Follow your Spirit's yearnings and the rest will work out. 

I'm still not perfect at it, but I'm way better than I used to be. 

And I absolutely believe you can take this journey toward wholistic healing. You'll see improvement in your health, as you develop a loving internal environment. But that's kinda the least of it....

You'll also develop an incredible mental peace, a deep emotive joy and a rich connection to your Spirit's calling. And living inside your skin - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - will start to feel Amazing!

Here's the basics of how I work with you...

  • What it's taken me decades to learn about healing my body has formed into a coaching practice to help you do the same - with much less effort! 
  • The main goal is helping you develop what I call the "loving internal environment". It's the #1 factor that enables incurable chronic pain & health conditions, like fibromyalgia, joint and muscle issues, or autoimmune conditions like my hypothyroidism, to start to improve.
  • While I'm helping you learn to create that loving internal environment, I model the kind of care and nurture you're learning to give yourself, in the sessions we have by giving you a safe place to collapse and rest for a while, unpack your life and let me share the burdens while we are changing your life. 
  • Not only do clients experience relief from their pain & health conditions, but the benefits of a loving internal environment go far further, and can include weight loss, greater joy, more meaningful living, better relationships, spiritual connection, a greater sense of peace and comfort, and much more.

About my coaching sessions

My preferred coaching approach is to meet in-person for 60-90 minutes, once a week. 

During each session, my goal is to give your body rest and to help you experience some relief from your pain, exhaustion, worry and the constant motion of your mind and body. 

To do this, we'll talk about how you've been feeling physically, what's being going on in your thoughts and emotions, and how connected you feel to your true self.

About sessions with Naomi Crain Life Coaching

But talking is only one part of the process. I use several modalities, such as Reiki and essential oils, to help you experience the rest, the nurturing, the relaxation and the pain relief I know is possible. 

Through unpacking your life together and sorting out what is creating your current internal environment, and then working to change that into a loving internal environment, and then helping you experience true rest and care for your body, mind, emotions and Spirit, you begin to make the changes, internally and externally, that allow your body to heal. 

And along the way, you might just transform your whole life as well. 

About Reiki sessions with Naomi Crain Life Coaching

About my treatment modalities

When sessions are in-person, I may suggest the use of healing and rejuvenating modalities such as Reiki and essential oils, to help give you greater rest, calm, pain relief and relaxation. 

My goal is to ensure each session includes an experience of rest and pain relief for you. However, if any particular modality leaves you feeling uneasy, unsure or uncomfortable, it does not have to be used. It would defeat the purpose of the treatment, as it would be increasing worry and stress. 

I may also recommend you seek treatment from a practitioner in a different modality, such as massage, chiropractic, naturopathy, kinesiology or counselling/psychology. 

In some cases, your participation in my program can be suspended while you undertake a period of treatment in that other modality. This is because it may be the most beneficial way to encourage  your development of the loving internal environment, and because I understand that multiple forms of treatment can be costly.