Turning toward joy

2019 Turning Towards Joy

January is winding its way to a close and excuses and justifications for not having vision and goals in place for the year are growing thin.

Can anyone else relate?

Here in Australia, Summer is in full swing and school is out, people are still on vacations and the heat, the late nights and the upcoming long weekend for Australia Day all speak to the feeling that the year isn’t underway yet.

We still have time.

That’s one of the best things about Summer – the sense of time. I love Summer because I can move slowly, I can read books and do jigsaw puzzles and sit to watch sunsets at the end of the day (as opposed to Winter, when the sunsets before I’m even home for the evening).

But the motion of the year is definitely reaching the top of the climb – I picture a roller coaster in which Summer is the long, lazy climb up the first incline, ready to jettison the riders over the top and into the crazy pace of the year.

As the top of that incline approaches (in my mind, that top is Feb, when the front of the trolley cars hits the peak of the incline, sees what’s coming and starts the pull down the other side but is still held back by the rear trolley cars, which are still climbing) I’m feeling the pressure to have my pieces all clear and defined.

Last year, of course, that didn’t happen.

A Brief Look Back at my 2018

By the time February arrived, I had no idea what the year needed. I was lost.

I may tell more of the story as we move through 2019, but I didn’t really see what 2018 was about till August. Up until that point, I was learning a lesson in following my body when my mind had no answers.

Throughout February 2018, I was fasting from sugar and alcohol. I sensed that might bring me clarity about my year. But it didn’t. It made my body feel better, clearer, lighter.

Looking back, knowing where the year went, I can see that I had all the inklings I needed to set my year up to be what it needed to be….that is to say, my body knew where it needed to go, but my mind didn’t want to accept it.

My body needed rest and a deeper level of health. But my mind was scared to put things down and let the body lead.

In my coaching, that’s the primary practice I encourage in clients. We need to listen to, and follow, our body. And in 2018, I needed to do this, but I struggled.

Throughout the year, my ever-patient body slowly led me through ups and downs, through learning things and trying things, into territory that both supported my principles of coaching and challenged how deeply I truly believed them.

The Point of all of it

Through all the physical healing, the spiritual growth, the emotional work and the deepening ability to put aside my thinking mind in preference to following my body, I have come to a newer, deeper and more substantial belief about the purpose of my work and my life.

And that purpose is joy.

Joy is the whole point of everything.

I used to think Love was the purpose, but now I’ve come to see Love as the foundation from which all thing come and must come, but Joy is the purpose for which it comes.

When we love someone, we want joy for them. We do things to make them happy, we want life to be enjoyable for them. Love wills joy for the beloved.

Therefore, as part of the created world (the world of matter), we are brought forth from love and intended for joy.

Joy is the point of all of it.

And if Joy is the point of all of it, then the point of my little bit of it should also be Joy.

As 2018 came to an end, I began to see this really clearly. I began to feel it; to know it.

I found myself talking about it, explaining it to people who I knew might get what I was saying. And every time I talked about it, I’d experience that familiar, goose-bumpy electricity throughout my body that tells me I’m touching something spiritually true.

Joy is the point of all of it.

Turning toward joy in 2019

It was a pretty easy step, then, to see what 2019 really needed to be about.


I’ve been deeply writing about the various areas of my life, the things that weren’t working in 2018, how they might work better in the year to come. My process of setting intentions and visions for how I want my life to be this year is still there.

But the over-arching idea is one of continually turning toward joy. That is what is undergirding every decision and life choice this year.

In each area of my life, I’ve looked at what isn’t working and thought “how can I turn more toward joy in this area of my life?” This is a powerful way to create a better, more enjoyable life.

Part of that process has, of course, been focused on my coaching business. And I’m really excited to say that I’m overhauling it all, re-doing a lot of stuff on the website and changing my whole approach to helping people heal.

I’ll be running a series of free 28 Day Mini Programs this year (or maybe shorter ones, if the topic doesn’t require four weeks). These will be gentle, easy programs that help us dig a little deeper in one area of ourselves, in order to continue our healing. We’ll be making small, steady choices that turn our internal environment into one that allows the body to heal itself.

And it is all about Joy.

If you’re interested in joining the Mini Program tribe, sign up below.

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And I’d love to know whether you think turning toward joy might be what you need in 2019. Do you feel you know what joy is? Could your life use more of it? What things block you from joy?



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