Do you want to heal your pain in 2018?

Are you ready to heal your pain in 2018?

With January on the wane and the last few weeks spent reviewing how to make a really good New Year’s Resolution (read that here, here and here) I’m asking the key question – are you ready to heal in 2018?

What does it mean to be “ready to heal”?

When I speak to people with chronic pain issues, there’s no problem establishing that they’d like the pain or condition to be gone.


But when it comes to being ready forĀ  the internal review of their thinking and believing, the deep dive into the feelings being pushed away and ignored, the honest inventory of how poorly they’re treating their body, how harshly they think about themselves and how mercilessly they push their bodies to the limit….well, that’s a different story.

Healing the body isn’t just about the body. It’s about healing all of who you are.

That’s a big undertaking.

It takes time, effort, commitment, patience, courage, humility and a huge readiness to change whatever they find in their lives that is not serving them and, instead, is creating un-healing.

So when I ask “Are you ready to heal in 2018?”, that’s what I’m really asking.

Are you ready to really transform your life into one that promotes your body’s self healing by eradicating everything that is preventing that self healing from taking place?

It just so happens that to do that, you’re also creating a life that feels beautiful to live.

Transform everything

The more I read and research into what makes the body sick and what heals the body, the more I’m convinced that chronically triggering the stress response is the fundamental problem.

And on the deepest level, we do that by not listening to and expressing our spirit fully. I’ve talked about this before in blogs – your True Spirit is yearning to live a certain way. This is your truth. When you ignore it or choose against it, you’re believing a lie.

That’s a double whammy of stress response triggering (saying no to your spirit AND believing a lie).

On top of that, we have many deep, often unconscious beliefs, that cause us fear. And fear is what sets off the stress response.

Beliefs about whether we are unconditional OK, whether we’re loveable and acceptable, whether we’re safe in the Universe or whether it’s out to get us. These beliefs guide so much of what we do in life and choose for our life and have major power to set off our stress response chronically.

You can see that if stress really is the root cause of chronic pain conditions, and these types of deeply held, unconscious beliefs can be triggering our stress when we don’t even realise it, finding healing has to involve clearing and cleaning out even the deepest and most emotional beliefs.

That’s tough work. It’s scary work. It’s hard work. It’s work not many people are strong and brave enough to undertake.

But it’s deeply, deeply healing work…..healing for body, mind, emotions and spirit.

It’s the ultimate hero’s journey – and it takes a hero to walk it.

The secret is: you ARE you’re own hero. No one can take this journey of healing for you.

You’re the chosen one for this mission.

BUT, sometimes a little help is helpful

With such a big undertaking ahead, every hero could use some help.

That’s where I come in. I love helping people through this process and seeing them find their way to health, happiness, peace and a life that feels beautiful to live.

If you’re ready to transform your life, health and happiness but you suspect you could use a little help, my Making Peace with Pain Program is now open for 2018 registration.

We’ll be starting Monday Feb 5th, 2018. It’s a six-month program that will:

  • clear and clean all the things holding your body back from effective self-healing
  • reduce your stress,
  • transform your relationship with your body,
  • align you to how you’re really feeling,
  • identify and change the thoughts that keep your body unwell,
  • teach you to listen to your spirit more and hear its yearnings for your life,
  • and you’ll realise you’re supported in life to be happy, healthy and have an incredible sense of wellbeing

And best of all – this creates an internal environment of love, which is the key factor in creating self healing in the body.

And that’s what we all need more of – healing.

I’d love to have you join us for the Making Peace with Pain Program 2018.

Find out more about the Making Peace With Pain Program

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