Course correcting toward love

Course Correcting Towards Love

If you’ve been reading my blogs for any length of time, you’ll know I talk a lot about Love. And that’s probably not gonna change. The more I go on, the more I see that whether we are tuned in to the Love that surrounds us or not is central to how happy we will be in life and how much we will love living.

This year, with all it’s twists and turns, has reached the half way point and that always signifies a good “course correction review” for me. I start the year with a lot of planning and projecting (wrote a blog about it here) and then, by June/July, I’ve forgotten most of what I’d planned, and life has wheeled me off the course I’d wanted.

So a mid-year course correct is often required to ensure that the year ends in a place that feels satisfying and meaningful for you.

Look back on your January plans, factor in all the unexpected turn of events that have pulled you away from the plan. Is the plan still relevant, is the goal still appealing or is there an alternate goal that feels more desirable, and finally, is there something else that needs to take priority over the original goal? All these are legitimate reasons we can change our goals and direction.

Also consider if you know more now and you’ve realised your original goals were not realistic. Is the goal the same, but you need to redress how far you thought you’d get with a particular goal.

More importantly, how is your body feeling. For me, the mid-year phase has found me exhausted. I have been pulled off course, but what I need most, right now, is rest. A vacation kinda rest, not just a good night’s sleep. So this becomes a priority for me, even if it’s just short breaks, not a long vacation. Rest.

As my year gets held up to the light and assessed, and I realise I have choices to make about what I’m investing my time, energy and money in, I sink into the body to help with the decision making. But until it’s rested, the body wont have wisdom on what to “do”. It needs to do “nothing”.

I’ll keep you posted about what my body decides we’re going to “do” for the rest of the year, once I’ve determined what that is!!

How’s your year tracking? Are you needing a mid-year course correct or have you stuck to the design you came up with in January? Would love to hear your story in the comments section below.  ​

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